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What’s in my camera bag?

What's in my camera bag on location 2020

I have been a commercial photographer for more than 25 years and have changed gear many times since the days of film. I am often asked what’s in my camera bag for location work and what is the best gear to buy. We all have mixed needs depending on what and how we shoot so I wanted to share the different aspects of gear in my camera bag when shooting on location assignments.

I was slow to jump……

Looking for unique products & services for “Made in America” blog series!!

Made in America, logo

This year I am challenging myself to do more personal work. I have decided to start a series called “Made in America: Nashville,” and it will center around products and services that are offered and created in America. I plan to focus in and around Nashville but hope when opportunity arises I can branch out.

“Made in America” has long been a topic of discussion within news sources due to US businesses outsourcing to other countries because the labor and production cost are often cheaper. Being a small business owner myself I realize the importance of offering……

The Launch of ReTune Nashville…

By Sheri Oneal

It has been a while since I have blogged, at least here for my photography site…….

Business branding…are you ready?

The start of 2010 is upon us…are you ready? I wanted to talk with you a moment about marketing and your image. Do you have a website, a business page, a linkedin, facebook or other social media profile? If so, what does your picture look like and what does it say about who you are or what you are selling? Whether you are selling your services, a business online or in a local market, social media and web presence is at an all time high and it……

Welcome to Thinking Diva!

I recently designed a new site/blog called Thinking Diva.  Over the years I have dreamed of becoming a writer and this is my attempt to share with the world and see if I can actually connect with others from a writer’s point of view.  I have lived a deeply reflective life through pen and paper.  As a child I grew up in a rural area and spent a lot of time alone sitting among the swaying pines writing my thoughts down in journal’s.  Over the years I have worked hard to……

Sheri O’Neal is showcased in the March issue of HER Magazine!

“Her Magazine” interviews photographer and artist Sheri Oneal in her creative space in Nashville, Tennessee.