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Consultations and Guest Speaking:

Sheri’s goal as a group speaker and/or mentor is always to see an individual grow their creativity and improve their business. As an adjunct instructor at Nossi College of Art since 2010, Sheri has offered her expertise in educating students in business and marketing classes to prepare them as entrepreneurs upon graduation. As a successful self-employed business owner in the commercial photography industry for more than 20 years, Sheri offers insight and experience from her own success to help others prepare for the road ahead. Her knowledge provides great insight for those starting a business in any creative field.

Sheri is available as a guest speaker to discuss the commercial industry or to discuss any of the sessions listed below. She also offers one on one consultations on topics that appeal to photographers, artists, and other creatives on the road to self-employment (details below).

*What does a consultation include? Consultations run between 1-1 ½ hours tailored to your marketing needs, in person, in Nashville. Each session offers Sheri’s expertise within the topic selected and an outline as a PDF download of the key topics discussed.

*How do I choose? Pick a session below that appeals to your most important business need. If you prefer to do more than one Sheri can help to decide the order based on your business knowledge. The focus will be on what is perfect for you and your brand.

*What do I need to do before my session? First, you will need to provide Sheri with an outline of the type of business you have or plan to have. Then share what you hope to achieve within your session. After a conversation over the phone, Sheri will customize your session in advance to ensure that you will walk away with the tools you need to achieve your goals. Once you have talked with Sheri and provided her with your goals you will be asked to pay for the session in advance via PayPal to lock in a date that fits in with your schedule.



Session A:

Your Business Roadmap- This includes defining what you are good at, helping you to determine your market, what kind of work opportunities are within your market, commercial vs consumer and who and how will you approach potential clients.

Session B:

Understanding Competition- includes determining who your competition is, why are they competitors, how can you stand out above your competition and what can you offer that is unique...AKA thinking outside the box!

Session C:

Defining your Business- includes determining what you plan to sell based on your market, keywording, what does your market want, planning your elevator pitch, mission/bio, and tagline.

Session D:

Building your Social Media Presence- (overview of building a plan, developing your community and your online reputation), includes the best tool to use, social media resources available, branding for success, creating a plan, and putting it all into action.

Session E:

Time Management Principles and keeping track of expenses- outlining ways to stay organized, saving time with your expenses, tips, software, and other ideas to help you stay on top of your business.

Session F:

Bidding on a job- (commercial and corporate photography only) includes how to price your work based on your market, understanding client needs, determining use, expenses and putting it all together in an estimate or proposal.

Session G:

10 Ways to unlock your creative potential- offering ways to rekindle your inner ability to find your creative way and allow your self-expression the ability to resurface, exercises that will allow you to begin to see why you get lost and how to find your way, tools that will help you to rediscover your creative potential and share your gift with the world.

Session H:

iPhonography Business Marketing- how to use your iPhone to create an online presence for your business, includes lighting techniques for better pictures, social media avenues, and camera apps available. (focus is on the iPhone although most apps and details covered work with any android on the market). 


*Fees will apply if you cancel or have to reschedule a session.

*Guest Speaking fees are determined based on time, location, materials, number of attendees, and other details needed per event.


Below is the link for your prepay option and to lock in a date (discussed in advance).

1-1.5 hour personal one on one



"Thank you for speaking at ArtCamp on Saturday.  It was the best seminar I attended.  You were clear, had actionable steps to achieve goals, and were really engaging. Thank you again - wonderful, inspiring stuff!"

~Alison Logan

Arts Coordinator at Battle Ground Academy



"I wanted to thank you again for such an inspiring talk you gave at the Art Camp event. It really was the best one I attended. Wishing you the best."

~Jeff Frazier

Freelance Photographer at Jeff Frazier Photographs



"Sheri, your classes have been my favorite general ed classes! I love the way you teach. You really know how to break things down for students to understand easily. You are hilarious! I love how you are a teacher but yet you let your kids have fun in class and make jokes with you! You are awesome and I have learned so much from you! I am definitely going to miss you! Thank you for all that you have done!"

~Hannah Ingram

Freelance Photographer at Hannah Ingram Photography



"Sheri’s Business of Photography class taught me how to better communicate with others.  Whether it be through an elevator pitch, a mission statement, a resume, or any other business channel, she helped me hone my skills to the point where I felt very confident when I had to communicate with others about my business.  Upon graduation I researched businesses in my area, I sent my resume and portfolio out to those I was interested in working with as a photographer.  I was contacted a few days later by Joey Stewart of Stewartography, he said my resume and portfolio were very impressive and he would like to interview me for a position.  When I went for the interview, I was prepared and excited, I spoke confidently while giving my elevator pitch and speaking of my experiences. I was hired that same day and I absolutely love working for them.  Sheri prepared me very well and that self-confidence helped me land my first job less than a month out of college.  Sheri truly cares about her students and their success.  I am very thankful I had her as an instructor."

~Dusty Draper

Wedding & Engagement Photographer for Stewartography

Freelance photographer at Dusty Draper Photography