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Food & Drink

Sheri Oneal offers food, drink and lifestyle photography for breweries, restaurants, independent businesses and magazines. She has a food styling team available if the budget allows and with years of experience working with restaurants she understands what kind of lighting it takes to make food look its best. Over the years she has had the ability to work with dining establishments, travel and tourism markets, publishers and independent product distribution companies to help them showcase their products and services professionally.

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Food & Drink
Answer Restaurant
Lemonade and Cake
Green Beans
Tea and Expresso
Red Wine
Cheese Burger, Fries and Coke at Rotier's Restaurant
Marche Artisan Foods
Answer Restaurant, Tennessee
Barista Parlor Coffee Shop
Peter D's Ribeye Steak Dinner
Waffles and Orange Juice
Food, Crabs, Venice, Italy
Bolton's HOT Chicken Dinner
Fish and Asparagus Dinner
Kale Caesar Salad, Pinewood Social
Peter D's Panko BC Burger
Jimmy Kelly's Steakhouse Restaurant
Food from Holland House Bar and Refuge
Select Meat, Venice, Italy
Fish Dinner at Frothy Monkey
Plantains with Chorizo
Marche Artisan Foods
Sandwiches, Pizza, Venice, Italy.
Quinoa Chocolate Cake
Shrimp and Noodles
Mixed Drink and Martini