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CEO's in Tennessee

I photographed Gary Luffman (on the left) the President and CEO of telecommunications company Hiscall, Inc., for Who's Who Magazine in the Opry Mills Hotel lobby, Nashville, Tennessee.

Clayton Nick Nicholas (on the right) is the founder and CEO of the Giving Tree. His company provides prepaid gift cards where the recipient donates 10% of the card value to a charity of their choice. This editorial photograph was taken in his office on assignment. The publisher of the magazine was also shooting behind-the-scenes video of us working so I was just as nervous as he was!

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Business and Corporate Headshots
Brooks Doverman
Business and Corporate Headshots
CEO's in Tennessee
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O'Charleys corporate office executives
Genie James, Barbara Paul
John Mark Eberhardt, Jian Huang
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CEO, Yonnie Chelsey, Health To You Magazine.
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Stan Smith, Kriste Goad
Nashville Attorney's
Bone McAllester Norton PLLC
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Rand Paul, Steven Manoukian
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 John Roberson, Scotte Hudsmith