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Editorial, Lifestyle, Advertising

Sheri Oneal Photography offers editorial, lifestyle and advertising photography for ad agencies, design companies, independant businesses, magazines and other publications. With the knowledge to shoot in the studio or on location she has the ability to cover any kind of commercial photography assignment. B2b, restaurants, travel destinations, tourism markets, book publishers among other kinds of assignments are what she excels at with her photography style.

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Editorial, Lifestyle, Advertising
Amber Robertson of Bliss Holistic
Kellie Pickler's Selma Drye Collection
Kix Brooks of Arrington Vineyards
Loan Hillsten refugee survivor from the Vietnam war
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Elliston Place Soda Shop
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Street artist in Florence, Italy
Noble Springs Dairy Farm
Notre Dame Academy Kids
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Bolton's Spicy Chicken and Fish
Dwayne Tucker, Italian Police
Ken Drinnon, owner of KLD Farm
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Notre Dame Academy classroom